B2B Marketing Process

B2B Marketing Process

B2B marketing and B2C marketing are very different

The standard product or service B2B marketing process starts with building product awareness and then ends with the sale to the customer and the loyalty of the customer to make further sales.

This is what is used by most B2B marketing companies for both their B2B and B2C clients.

The GlobalSense B2B Marketing Process

At GlobalSense, we understand that B2B marketing process is not the same as B2C.

The relationships that are built with customers are far deeper and more important than those we see in the B2C marketplace. We have developed our own B2B marketing process which we call the “GlobalSense Marketing Conversion Cycle”.

The key differences in our approach to the B2B marketing process are:


The process has no end, it is a cycle. This is vital for B2B companies as their cost of sale can be huge so their ability to retain customers is vital.


Our Process focuses on the inputs required at each stage of the process to allow us to move on to the next part of the cycle. This means we have a logical progression of requirements and from these requirements we can see exactly the marketing activities that we need to engage in.

A Customised Marketing Plan Just For You

Once we have studied the Marketing Conversion Cycle we can start to develop your marketing campaign. We will produce a plan that uses several different marketing channels and tools. This will include search engine optimization, content marketing , landing pages, blog posts and a range of other methods to attract your potential customers.

Measure What Matters Then Optimise

It is vital to measure progress and adjust or optimise your marketing as you go along. We will help you identify your target audience and then develop b2b marketing strategies to attract their interest for your products and services.

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