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Keyword Research is Vital

Before we can start SEO content optimization for your website we need to decide on the targeted keywords that we will use for each of the “landing pages”. Usually we will identify these through keyword research in your target markets.

Sometimes specific keywords and phrases are different in different markets even if they speak the same language. Think of “Gas” and “Petrol” as an example of this. Content marketers need to be aware of this and make sure that different options are covered when we are looking for the keywords for your products and services.


SEO Content Optimization Keyword Map

For each website we create we will add keywords and even URLs to the sitemap so that we have a clear plan for high quality and effective content that will help you to rank well with the search engines.

When someone enters a search query, Google will look at the quality and relevance of your page content, the URL structure and your website in general in order to decide whether to show your page to the person searching.

These are all factors that we need to take into consideration when planning each piece of content for the site.


SEO Content Optimization is Not Always What You Think

Customers often ask me why we have to write something in a certain way as they don’t feel it is “necessary”.

Often the answer is that we are writing it for Google and not just for the end user. This is especially true with technical content.

You and your customer may both understand the content, but if Google can’t understand it because it is written poorly or poorly structured, then Google will not show it to your potential customers.

關鍵字 / 網頁內容間的關聯

Clear, Precise and Easy To Read

For most B2B and B2C web pages, what customers need is content that is well formatted and clearly written so that they can find the data they need as quickly as possible. Visitors do not read your website like a book. They scan the whole page for relevant sections and usually only ready those.

So whether we are creating a blog post or a landing page we must create content that has main titles, subtitles and short paragraphs to make it really easy for people to absorb rapidly. 

Remember that many of your visitors will not be native speakers of your website language, so long paragraphs of small text will drive them away to websites which are better designed and structured.

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