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GlobalSense helps our clients start, sustain, and grow their business.

Our clients range from multinational enterprises to bootstrapping entrepreneurs. We apply the same principles and value-driven approach to every product.

At GlobalSense, there’s no such thing as a “second class” experience.


Company: Macauto
Hosting: Taiwan
Industry: Automotive
Company: Transcyko
Hosting: Taiwan / China / USA
Industry: Transmission
Company: Pro-Iroda
Hosting: USA
Industry: Transmission
Company: O-Grill
Hosting: Taiwan
Industry: Tools
Company: Fritz Jou Manufacturing
Hosting: Taiwan
Industry: Bike
Company: Globe Union
Hosting: USA / Taiwan
Industry: Bathrooms
Company: Ton Horizon
Hosting: Taiwan / EU
Industry: Architecture
Company: ChenHsong America
Hosting: USA
Industry: Machinery
Company: Leather Pro
Hosting: Taiwan
Industry: Chemicals
Company: Complam
Hosting: USA
Industry: Composite Materials
Company: Chain HeadWay
Hosting: USA
Industry: CNC Tools


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Chen Hsong Machine Introduction

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