Get the Website Hosting Solution to Help Your Business Succeed

Global hosting with fast servers, secure daily backups and responsive support to give you peace of mind
  • Hosting in Google data centers around the world for safety
  • Daily backups for easy recovery and security
  • Regular security updates to keep your site safe

Where You Host Your Website Matters

Where to host your website? Building a website is a lot like building or buying a house. There are only three things to worry about: Location, Location, and Location!

If your website is not located close to your customers market, they will not find you and you won’t receive the enquiries you need.

At GlobalSense, in the initial planning stages of the website, we identify the languages, locations and other features you may require to make your website a success.


Backups and Security
For Your Company Website

Keeping your data safe is more important each year. When you are choosing a website hosting solution for your business you need to make sure that you get regular backups and regular security updates for the server and your website as a part of the deal.

We perform daily backups of all sites so that we can rapidly restore sites from a backup in minutes to get your business back online for your customers. We also perform regular security updates for all of the servers and the websites to make sure that you are protected from all of the latest dangers so that your site is always available for your customers.


Hosting your website
where your customers need it

Google is focused on local search and so whenever you are choosing a hosting location for your website you should keep your customer base in mind and host as close to them as possible. This will give your website the best possible chance of being found by customers in your target market.

Through Google’s global data center network we are already hosting customers in many key locations including: East USA, West USA, South America, Europe, United Kingdom, India, Vietnam and more. This global network also allows us the freedom to relocate your site as needed to target different markets.

CDN - 解決網站地域速度的能手

Website Speed and CDNs

For most of our customers local hosting in their target markets delivers all of the speed and enquiries tat they need. However, sometimes it is not easy to predict where your traffic will come from and where your next big market will be.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are an additional service which can automatically detect where traffic is coming from and keep a copy of your website on a server closer to that new market so that they can have faster access to it without you having to pay for additional hosting.

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