Ranking the Right Way
Our SEO Optimization Process for Your Business

Advanced research and planning for excellent ranking outcomes
  • Market and competitor analysis to understand your online environment
  • In depth keyword and content to give you the search results you need
  • Ongoing analysis, optimization and reporting to keep your business ahead

The GlobalSense Client SEO Optimization Process

The SEO optimization process is complex, looks at many factors, and is different for every customer. There are no standard ways to fix a company’s SEO, but there is a standard SEO optimization process we use at GlobalSense to guide us.

Google Search results are constantly changing. If your SEO provider does not have a clear process for search engine optimization(SEO) they might just be using a standard template. This is not effective for your website. It will lead to poor performance and or other problems in the future.


SEO Strategy

The SEO optimization process increases your business’s visibility to customers. However, to help your business succeed we must first understand it better. This will allow us to ask even more questions and build a great SEO strategy for you.

The first part of the SEO optimization process is to meet with you and ask lots of questions about your business, products and competitors.

This will allow us to help discover your strengths as well as the areas where we will need to put in extra efforts to help you.


Site Audit

SEO Site Audits are vital to understanding the current situation your website is in and identifying some of the basic areas for SEO optimizations that can help you. There are many common issues that traditional websites may have, including: layout, structure, keyword phrases, titles, lack of high quality content and many more.

We will need to optimize the website as much as possible to give us the best chance of success with our SEO optimisation.


Competitive Analysis

Understanding who your competitors are and what they are doing is vital to any SEO strategy. This includes looking at what they are doing for technical SEO, on page SEO, keyword research and other factors that help their search engine rankings.

It is also an opportunity to discover what competitors are not doing. This can be vital for identifying opportunities to create content carry out link building and a range of other things to boost your websites search engine results.


Site Structure

The architecture or structure of your website is extremely important. This is what allows the search algorithms to include your website in the most relevant results for searchers.

A logically structured site which makes it easy for both Google and customers to understand the content and navigation , will go along way to helping your search rankings. We will analyze what you already have and suggest improvements to achieve this goal.


Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are an important part of the SEO process. We will need to look at what backlinks you already own and which you may not want to be associated with your site at all. If you do have some bad backlinks we can handle these for you so that they don’t impact the SEO of your site.

Once we have finished checking the existing backlinks we can then look at how to develop backlinks going forwards . We can advise you on which sites you should get backlinks from in the future and whether these will be bought or earned through great content.


Content Assessment

There is no substitute for great, fresh, relevant content. Content needs to be written in a clear and simple way. It must also be very well structured too. In This way Google and also the reader can find the content sections they need rapidly.

All of this means that it is very likely that some or much of your website content will need to be rewritten or at least heavily edited to meet your SEO targets.

GlobalSense has an international team that can produce excellent technical or consumer content for you.


Review and Repeat The Process

The most important thing we tell clients is that a website is never finished. It constantly needs new articles, photos and video to keep it fresh.

As google and the environment around us changes, it will also need to update to take account of technology changes, security updates and many other things.

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