Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Guide

We have been working with B2B customers in Asia on marketing strategy for over 15 years and we would like to share with you a few of the insights we have gained from this experience; helping local companies into the international market.

Marketing Strategy

Times Are Changing for B2B Marketing Strategy

It is more than 20 years since Y2K and many customers now do not even know what Y2K was. Your marketing strategy must change with the times.

The marketing landscape has changed a lot in the last 20 years and if you do not change with it, then you will be missing out on massive growth opportunities.

International Exhibitions are Expensive

Going to an exhibition for a week with a few catalogs and product samples is not good enough anymore. The exhibition is just a starting point for your marketing strategy. If you do not have all your B2B online marketing ready to reinforce your sales pitch with testimonials, videos, and great content, you will not get the sales you hoped for.

Online marketing strategy delivers value all year round rather than just for a week during the expensive exhibition.

New Generation of Customers

Many of your B2B customers grew up in the computer generation and are very tech-aware. Traditional marketing channels such as print ads and catalogs are not relevant to them anymore.

If they cannot view it on their phone, it does not exist for them.

The Sales Process Has Changed

The amount of product content available to customers is now huge and out of your control. Customers are posting on YouTube, blogs and on many platforms to share their product experiences.

They are spending far more time doing research online before they decide to even contact you about a potential purchase.

Quality Content delivered through different channels to help customers receive the right product messages will move them towards a decision to purchase.

You may also need to actively monitor what people are saying about your brand to keep control of the conversation.

Marketing Strategy

Do Your B2B Marketing The Right Way?

B2B Marketing is an ongoing effort.

You must be actively marketing your brand through a range of channels every month to remain competitive.

A cheap website with old content copied from your company catalog is not good enough anymore.

Is your website even hosted in the right countries?


What Do I Do Now?

You need to sit down with professionals and examine your business and B2B sales goals, then come up with a detailed marketing plan which is realistic and will help you to deliver the orders you are looking for.

To find out how we can help you with this process, please contact our Marketing Consultant here.

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