Website Content Planning is Critical

Content Creation

“Content is King”.

This was said by Bill Gates back in the 1980s but it is more important than ever today.

Website content planning is critical to showcase your products and services and is at least as important as the design and structure of the site itself. You should plan for this when you are budgeting for your new website.

Great Website Content Planning is Original

We see many customers who have recently redesigned their websites, but they are not receiving the enquiries or sales they hoped for. This is mostly because rather than hiring a marketing company and developing a content marketing strategy, they hired a web designer who just redesigned the front end of the site, but not the content. Expert website content planning is vital for success.

Website Content Planning

What Types of Content Do I Need?

There are three basic types of content you will see on any website. Words, images and videos. As a part of the website content planning, we will analyse how much content we need to produce to achieve the results you are looking for. One of the first things we will need to look at before we start creating content is the keywords that we will need to use for your landing pages.


Landing Pages

Any page which we are trying to have Google rank well is called a “landing page”, because that is the place where potential customers “Land” when they enter the website. 

It is actually unusual for most customers to start with your Homepage. If our content marketing efforts have worked, they should go straight to the product or service page which gives them what they are looking for.


Website Photography

Every piece of content on a website needs to have some images associated with it to attract both customers and search engines to that page. We are expert at planning the right kind of product or image photography you need to make the very best possible user experience. 

Have a look at some of the photo shoots we have help and the results to see what a difference great photos make to your website.


Website Video Production

Whether you are on social media sites, or writing blog posts for your own website, the use of video is now a critical factor in your success. Once you know your target audience, a short video introducing your products and services or how to use them is a great tool for successful content marketing.

We can organise all types of production from small studio product shoots to major corporate image productions spanning different locations and countries.

Have a look at some of our work to see what we can do for you.

Let's See What Our Customers Say

What customers say about a web design firm is what counts, so have a look at some of the comments from our recent customers to see how delighted they are with the results they are achieving.