Website Design Process

Website Design Process at GlobalSense

Our website design process at GlobalSense is based on years of experience and we feel that this is the best process for most website design projects.

We will explain the website design process to you clearly when we meet with you to make sure we are all clear about what we need to do, what we need to deliver, and when these things need to happen.

The key steps in the process are:


Website Design Marketing Goals

This is the planning phase where we spend time identifying website goals, your target audience, and how the new design will fit in with any other digital marketing projects and goals. This includes hosting locations, languages, traffic volume, social media integration and other factors.

Before we can produce a contract, we need to agree clearly on what pages and features we are going to build for you. This part of the website design process develops an initial sitemap for the website and we then review the content required to complete those pages.

Content is the key to a great website. We will review the content you already have and then discuss the additional writing, photography, and video that may be needed in order to complete the project. 

We can produce all of these in house and we will also give guidance and manage the production of all the content for you.

At this stage we will draw up the various contracts required and collect any deposits for work to be started.


Sitemap & Content Review

Website Design Process
Website Design Process

Initial Web Page Designs

We will choose a couple of representative pages to allow us to develop a visual design for the site. This may be the home page, or About us Page as well as a product or service page design. 

These will be produced as PDF designs and signed off before we start on the live design of web pages.

The website design process requires some level of SEO content preparation. This process uses researched keywords and phrases to produce content that is good for both Google search and the end user.

 Website content must be written well and should also be localized for your target market in order to maximize your enquiries.


SEO Content Writing


Website Photo & Video Content Creation

We will manage the photography and video production of the content for you. We will advise on the most effective ways to produce this as well as the style and content of these important elements. 

Most websites require some level of new photography or video in order to make an impact. You should consider the requirement for additional photography and video when you are budgeting for your website.

With the initial designs signed off and most of the content ready, we can start to build the website pages for you. 

We will provide you with a link so you can see the pages as they are being built. We will start from the PC design and then once that is signed off we will create the mobile version as well. 

Once these versions are completed and signed off we will then work on any secondary language versions for you.


Web Development Phase


Live Server Testing and Optimization

Once the first language versions are complete, we can move the website onto to live server and start optimising the pages and content further to produce the best possible results for you. 

This includes back end optimisation, server optimisation, image compression, testing for broken links and many other items. Once this phase is complete we can then move to launch the new website.

Once the website is launched we then move on to the hosting phase of the contract where we perform twice daily backups of the site and also provide you with monthly security updates and content updates as per contract.


Launch and Maintenance

Let's See What Our Customers Say

What customers say about a web design firm is what counts, so have a look at some of the comments from our recent customers to see how delighted they are with the results they are achieving.