Where Do I Host My Website?

Where You Host Your Website Matters

Where to host your website? Building a website is a lot like building or buying a house. There are only three things to worry about: Location, Location, and Location! 

If your website is not located close to your customers market, they will not find you and you won’t receive the enquiries you need.

At GlobalSense, in the initial planning stages of the website, we identify the languages, locations and other features you may require to make your website a success.

Does Hosting Location Really Matter?

Many of our customers have international offices in their important markets. If you want to target your customers in those regions we recommend hosting your website within that country to gain the maximum benefit from Google’s localised search algorithm.

Localised Google Search Delivers Enquiries

Most of your traffic (around 80%) now comes from mobile searches. If you search for business or service on your cell phone, by default, Google will deliver local business reults to you first. 

If your website is hosted in the local market and also has a local office listed, you have a great chance of appearing in the search results.

If you are looking for customers in Germany, or Brazil, or anywhere remote, but you host your site in Taiwan, then you will not feature in the search results unless the searcher specifies “Taiwan” in the search query.

Website Speed and CDNs

For most of our customers local hosting in their target markets delivers all of the speed and enquiries tat they need. However, sometimes it is not easy to predict where your traffic will come from and where your next big market will be.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are an additional service which can automatically detect where traffic is coming from and keep a copy of your website on a server closer to that new market so that they can have faster access to it without you having to pay for additional hosting.

Let's See What Our Customers Say

What customers say about a web design firm is what counts, so have a look at some of the comments from our recent customers to see how delighted they are with the results they are achieving.