Macauto Web Design

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About The Company

Macauto group is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive interiors specialized in sunshades, roof and truck systems for high end and luxury vehicles.

They produce these products for brands such as Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes and many more.

Macauto is headquartered in Tainan, Yong Kang Science Park and also has production facilities in Mexico and offices in other locations to serve global customers.

What Does Macauto Say About Us?

How was your experience of working with us on this project?

It was a pleasure to work with GS’s professionals. It is a customer-oriented company that spares no efforts in providing a good service.Their creative team is very capable of offering imaginative solutions.They are always available either during the design process or later for any maintenance issue which makes them a very reliable supplier. Also, their partners’ (sub suppliers) selection is appropriate which assures an excellent result for any product or service related to marketing purposes.

What is the area where we have delivered the most value?

If related to the product/services: design, creativity, solution-finding.If related to company/staff: good communication, availability, friendly environment, accountability.

Did we do a good job and has the website been useful to the company

As our company had been growing a lot in the last years, we were looking for a webpage that could represent this growth through and a clear and visually attractive way to show our products. The idea of adding line art was a great success.No other competitor shows their products in such way. Compared to our competitors, our webpage looks fresh and dynamic.