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About Transcyko

Transcyko is a global brand manufacturing speed reducers and industrial gearboxes for a range of industries. The company is based in ShanHua, Tainan County and also has a large new manufacturing facility in Nanjing.

The Transcyko brand has been around for decades, but in recent years with new Leadership for the international market, they have started to focus more on the USA, South America and other areas for expansion of their sales.

Our Services

Transcyko contacted us just before the IMTS Trade show in 2018 as they needed a website for the exhibition. As we specialise in original content websites in English, we rapidly developed and launched a whole new brand website for the company in 3 months to be ready for the exhibition.

All of the website content was also optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to assist the company in their SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking and start delivering enquiries as soon as possible. Additionally we set up comprehensive Google Ads campaigns to cover the various markets that they are targeting.

The Combination of the SEO and Google Ads is still delivering regular global enquiries for Transcyko almost 3 years later.

What Does Transcyko Say About Us?

How are we to work with?

Global Sense team is a professional and sincere partner to work with. I trust them with my full heart to manage online marketing which obviously has been performing well as per rankings and potential inquiries.

They are flexible, fast, patient and adaptive to my creative thoughts.

We brainstormed new ideas and put into actions. With their help, our company has been moving along towards international supply and service. I can never do this without them.

Have you seen real revenue as a result of our marketing?

Yes. If not due to Covid-19 outbreak, our oversea sales could have gone explosive growth in 2020.

We really look forward to 2021.

What is the area where we have delivered the most value?


What do you think we do best?

Due to our specialty in gearbox manufacturing for certain industries, it’s a rather limited and specific industry our customers serve.

Global Sense is really good at locating the right and target buyers online.

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