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Air Fom Web Design

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About The Company

Air Fom is a new international brand in the airless cycling market. They provide Hi Tech foam inserts to resolve the problems of maintenance and vandalism for global share bike schemes, electric bikes, urban commuters and many more. The Air Fom products are patented and the brand is run by Mark Peterman, a former professional cyclist and General Manager for a major bike brand.

Air fom is already in distribution in Europe and is also in discussions with major brands for large projects around the globe.


What Does Air Fom Say About Us?

How are we to work with?

Working with Global Sense is a bespoke experience with personalized and responsive service.Nick and team were highly engaged and involved in making the Air Fom brand come to life.Important details that I overlooked when in the whirlwind of a startup were captured and acted upon by the GS Team.I can sincerely say that Nick and the Global sense team were (and are) there for the Air Fom brand at a moment’s notice.I recommend them to anyone I know that needs web marketing services, content creation and more.

What do you think we do best?

In my experience Global Sense is a highly reactive and highly proactive partner.Partner is the key term because this indicates the style and care that they took in thinking about my brand and my challenges and working to solve them.This approach was key for Air Fom for instantly adding experience and resource at fair value. I do not need a marketing department because I have GS on my side.

Any other comments?

As Global Sense grows in size and resource I look forward to a more comprehensive and a more truly global capacity.The ability to deliver on time and on budget makes GS a valuable partner for any start up or small scale enterprise that needs to have a profession web / marketing resource added immediately.