Trade Show Success in 2024: How Manufacturers Can Get More for Less


Exhibitions are a great way to find new customers but they are a major investment so it is vital that you get maximum value from them and do not waste money or lose business opportunities.

This article will provide you with three key tips to get better value from trade shows in 2024. These tips are not just about saving money, but also about enhancing engagement, improving communication, and ultimately, driving new business. So, let’s find out how you can get more for less at your next trade show.

Tip 1 – Use Digital Ads to Attract More Visitors

Think of digital ads as your online megaphone, helping you shout out to the world about your booth at the trade show. These ads can reach a lot of people quickly and don’t cost a lot. Plus, they can be shown to people who are most likely to be interested in what you’re selling.

Maximize Trade Show ROI for Manufacturers in 2024: Cost-Effective Strategies

The best part? You can see how many people saw your ad, how many were interested, and how many actually decided to visit your booth because of the ad. This way, you can understand what’s working and what’s not, and make changes accordingly for the next exhibition.

Google ads, Facebook and Instagram are all great platforms for advertising about exhibitions, but you should also consider LinkedIn as this is a business focused platform where you know most of the clicks you receive will be relevant.

Marketing Tip:
Set up a new page on your website for the exhibition and make sure that you have the exhibition name in the URL and the page title. Write some interesting content about what you will be showing at the exhibition. Then set up a google ads campaign to target the exhibition. This will help to let customers know about you before the show and drive more people to your booth.


Tip 2 – Avoid Expensive Print Ads and Catalogs

Print ads, like those in show daily magazines or billboards at the show, might seem like a good idea. But here’s the catch – they can be quite expensive compared to digital ads and you won’t be able to tell how many people saw your ad, or if the ad made them want to visit your booth.

Maximize Trade Show ROI for Manufacturers in 2024: Cost-Effective StrategiesNot just print ads, but also your catalogs can also be a waste of money as most of them will be thrown away or lost by visitors long before they return to their companies. So make sure you provide easy to access digital catalogs that people can download or access through their phone with a QR Code. These avoid the considerable printing and transportation costs of printed material and as they are online, customers will always be accessing the latest version, something that you cannot do with printed materials.


Tip 3 – Connect on Messaging Apps Not Through Email

Trade shows are all about making connections. But, is collecting business cards and emails the best way to keep contact with your leads? Most businesses now use messaging for much of their communication and while emails are great for complex information, they can also easily be ignored or even go to the spam folder and never be seen!

Maximize Trade Show ROI for Manufacturers in 2024: Cost-Effective Strategies

Why not connect with visitors on messaging apps like Line or Whatsapp while they’re at your booth? These are much more effective ways to follow up after the show and more likely to get a response than emails.

So, next time you’re at a trade show, don’t just scan visitor badges for emails. Make sure you connect on messaging apps while they are at your booth.. It’s a more effective way to communicate with potential customers in 2024.


Marketing Tip
Make sure when you connect with someone that you edit their name straight away to include their company name and their website so you don’t get people mixed up as you will meet a lot of people at the show. When they have left the booth you can send them a quick message that restates the products they are interested in and thanks them for visiting you, this will be a good reminder for you of what you need to follow up on later.


Wrapping Up: Smart Strategies for Trade Show Success in 2024

Trade shows are a big investment, but they can also bring big returns. By using digital ads to attract visitors, thinking twice about print ads, and connecting on messaging apps, traditional manufacturers in Taiwan can get more value from trade shows in 2024.

Remember, it’s not just about spending more, but spending smart. With these tips, you’re well on your way to trade show success. So, here’s to getting more for less at your next trade show!

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