Website Design Process FAQ

How Much Does a New Website Cost?

Most B2B & B2C Websites Cost Between 300 – 500K.

If you are being quoted less than this for building a website, you are getting a standard template website without any original content writing or SEO. It will not have keyword planning and it will look the same as those of your competitors.

There are many companies charging much more than 500K for a website and calling it a “customised website”. These sites have poor structure and no original content so they will not help you receive enquiries.

What Should Be Included in the Cost of the Website?

Carefully check to make sure that you are getting all of these things when you are looking for a web design partner:

  • Website Structure Planning
  • Page Design
  • Keyword Planning
  • Original Content Writing (Not copied content from a catalog)
  • Website Development & Testing
  • Website Launch Testing and Bug Fixing
  • HTTPS (Once Online)
  • GDPR (For EU Regulations)

Website Hosting

Additional Languages for Your Website

If you want to have more than one language for your website, that is no problem. We will charge around 35K for the second language excluding translation.

For most websites, the translation fee is around 10K and is based on the number of words.

We complete the English version first and then start work on the other languages.

Website Hosting Checklist:

  • Free Content Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Security Updates
  • International Locations
  • Excellent Customer Service

You should host your website through a company that can also handle the content and any bug fixing for you.

You should make sure that the hosting company understands your content and website structure so they can fix it easily for you.

You should not host the website within your own company. Even the best MIS department cannot compete with Google for speed and security.

You should not buy an online hosting service. They will only host your website, they will not do updates and problem resolution for you.

Separate Website Hosting for Different Languages

For additional languages, we will host them separately, not on the same domain as your main site. This is because you can have only one main language for a website and that is the language that Google will look at.

English: hosted in USA/EU/AU
Chinese: hosted in Taiwan

Hosting the website in a foreign country means that your customers can find it more easily through google search.

To find out more about website hosting, please look at this article.

Other Web Marketing Services You Will Need:

Apart from the design of your website and the content creation, and the hosting there are other services which you need to budget for to make sure your website is a success.

If you just build a website, but do not use SEO to boost it, and get the best hosting to make sure it is fast and available for your global customers, your website will not be found and you will waste your money.

Google Ads is also an excellent way to boost a new website as it helps to start delivering enquiries from day one.

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Ask Questions Before You Decide

We are always happy to spend time understanding customer’s needs and answering your questions. It is the way we make sure your new website will meet your business goals.

Please feel free to call us for a consultation about your web design project.

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