Why Can’t I Host My Website In Taiwan?

You can host your website in Taiwan if you only want customers from the Taiwan market.

If you want international customers to find you then you need to host in another place.

You should host your website as near to your customers as possible to get the most traffic and sales inquiries.

What About my Web Address (Domain)?

For international websites, you must use a .com website and host it in a country near to your customers.

You should use a .com.tw website in Taiwan.

These websites are hosted separately. You should not host two languages on the same website as the second language content will not be easily found.

Local Search Results

If you are in Taipei and you search for a Japanese restaurant for example, Google will show you results for Japanese restaurants near to where the searcher is located.

Search results are based on the searchers location and search query. Those two things will decide whether your web pages will be chosen as the best result for the searcher.

Website Hosting Locations

So your website location is important. For most customers we suggest that you host their website in either North America or Europe depending on where your customers are.

The price of hosting for your website with GlobalSense is the same no matter where it is, so there is no extra charge to host it in another country.

International Website Speed

If your website is hosted in Taiwan but your customers are in the USA, it will be slow for them compared to local sites hosted in the USA.

Just because your website is fast in Taiwan does not mean it will be fast in other countries.

You can test the speed of your website in others countries here for FREE:


You need an A or B grade here to pass or your website will lose points and not rank well on Google. This means you are losing enquiries to your competitors. Most websites will receive a B grade, only superfast optimized websites can receive an A grade.

Remember that you can also check your competitors websites here too, so you can see if you are ahead or behind the competition.

This is one of our customer’s websites. This shows their result for North America.

Do You Have Your Domain Login & Password?

You own your domain (Web address) and you should keep the username and password safe and secret at all times.

Your login should NOT be kept by your web design company. If you do not have your username and password, ask for it back now!

This controls everything about your website so it is important for your company security that you have it.

Things You Need to Remember

  • .com website not .com.tw (if your customers are not in Taiwan)
  • Website hosted near your customers (USA / EU etc)
  • Website speed in other countries is important.
  • Keep your domain password safe and secure.

To read more about website design please click here.

We are always happy to spend time understanding customer’s needs and answering your questions. It is the way we make sure your new website will meet your business goals.

Please feel free to call us for a consultation about your web design project.

Nick Vivian
Nick Vivian

I am a UK citizen and I first came to Taiwan in 1989, My family is Taiwanese and Taiwan is my permanent home.

I have been working on marketing strategy for local companies since 2005, managing website planning video production and content creation for customers in many different industries. I speak fluent Chinese and manage sales and marketing strategy for our customers.

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