How can I improve my international Marketing?

Customers frequently send me links to their websites and ask me what we can do to help them increase their sales in the international market.

All customers are different, but there are some basic things I always check. This only takes me a few minutes and lets me see if it is possible to help the customer with their problems.

Is the website a good representation of your business?

Your website is just like a salesman, its job is to attract attention from customers and give them the basic information they need to make the decision to contact you. So these are the first things I check:

Good Presentation & Persuasive

Do the words and images on the website clearly explain why the company is a great choice of business partner?

Do the words and images on the website clearly explain the features and benefits of your products?

Clear & Confident

Is the language clear, correct, and well written or is it a simple translation of poor English from an old company catalog?

If you would like to know a little more about content and why it is so important, please have a look at this page.

Will People searching for your products be able to find the site?

When we are creating a website, structure is important. Without a good structure customers will not be able to find it because Google will not understand what the site is about.

Structure & Accessibility for Search

Is the website hosted in a country close to the customers? Google search is local so this can be important. If the website is too far away from your customers then it may also be slow to open. Read this article for a more detailed explanation of this.

Is the structure of the website clear and easy for Google to understand?

Is the site already being optimised for SEO?

There are many different types of SEO being offered by companies in Taiwan today. I have already written an article that covers the importance of SEO and also what you need to think about when you are choosing an SEO company.

There are two things I always check to see if a company’s SEO is being done correctly:

  1. If the website has very little text then it is likely that the seo is only superficial and is probably not going to deliver many inquiries.
  2. Does the site rank for its main keywords in foreign countries?


There are many things I need to check before I can determine the best way to help a customer. The most important thing that I do when meeting a new customer is listen to them. Once I have done that and we have had a good discussion about their situation I can start to plan how and if we can help them.

If a marketing company is just trying to sign you up for a platform like Alibaba ( This article explains what this is a bad idea ) or an online exhibition ( I explain why this may not be a good idea here ) then I would suggest you look for someone who will listen to you and make a plan that is customized for you.

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